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China manufacture flushable tofu cat litter:

Main Material Fresh tofu or plant fiber
Accessory Material coffee bean,green tea,honey peach,active carbon
Size Longth:10-30mm diameter: 3.0mm
Absorption ≥400%
Dust rate <5%
Inner Packing 6L or 7L and 18L
Loading details 1 With pallets
2 Without pallets
MOQ 9Ton or 12Tons
Logo customized
Color Green or customized
Brand We can accpet OEM

The Tofu Cat Litter Advantage
Made with all natural Tofu without chemicals
Amazing Odor control
Extremely gentle on your cat’s paws
99% Dust Free
Easy to scoop
Fast Clumping
Super Lightweight
Flushable and easy to dispose
No Tracking
Tofu cat litter is a new kind of premium cat litter. It takes the hassle and harmful environmental impact out of kitty care! The tofu cat litter is made entirely from recycled plants, and performs 2-3x better than clay or crystal litters at absorption and odor control.

Healthy and safe. Extraordinary abosorption and odour control. These are just a few of the amazing feats that our Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter can do! And because our formulas do not contain synthetic additives, chemicals, clay or any additional fragrances or perfumes, you can rest easy knowing that your cat will not be harmed in any way!

Benefits that both cats and humans can instantly see and feel
With formulas made with natural tofu and 99% dust-free biodegradable materials, experience overall greater benefits knowing that you and your cat will be unaffected by respiratory problems and any used cat litters can easily be disposed!
Dust free, clumping, and flushable. Made from 100% all-natural ingredients, TofuKitty is virtually dust free, clumps in seconds, absorbs moisture 3x better than clay and 2x better than crystal litter, and is 100% flushable. There’s no tracking and no dust. Flush and done!

3-step guide to refresh your cat’s litter box
Step1 : Fill a clean litter tray with one to two inches (2 – 5 cm) of Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter
Step2: Remove the clumps and dispose responsibly. Note that Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter is biodegradable and is flushable in small quantities
Step3: Add more Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter to refresh your litter box after each removal of waste.
Recommended to maintain at least two inches (5 cm) of litter at all times.
Empty entire litter tray for fresh cat litter once a month.

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